Wednesday, July 16, 2008

more and more Summer pictures

Me riding the sand board.
Jayce putting sand in his hair because his mom
wasn't there.
best couisns 
Sarah, Ciara, Jayce, and Stella.
tough Ciara 


ksdavis6 said...

Kali- You were really brave riding the sand board. We had a lot of fun, didn't we? You are an awesome daughter, thanks for the fun birthday party. I love you

Rachel McEwen said...

So did the sand board work? That would be scary riding it down the steep hill!!

ksdavis6 said...

yes it worked and no it was not scary.

HawgWildinWashington said...

Ok Kali, I did it. I added you to my list. I am so excited, now I have 4 friends and family in my list! Hope you are having a good summer. We really liked having you visit us. I love you.